The oldest written Wojciulewicz records were found at Turgiele, date from the 17th century, and are in Polish, the state language of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The family (at that time bojary, bajorai, landlords) for centuries lived and had their lands in the border region between actual Lithuania and Belarus (Wilno, Turgiele, Bojary, Giemzy, Sjostaki etc). Over the centuries, the many dialects and languages used in the region created multiple spellings for the family name : Wojciulewicz, Wojciulewitsch, Wojtulewicz, Wojtalewicz, Wojtalowicz, Voiciulevic, Vaiciulevic, Vaiciulevicius, ... .

Part of our ancestors were from the Chodkiewicz family. This family was of major importance in Polish-Lithuanian history. 

Details on our family tree are available on our Family Pages, which are protected by passwords. A complete list of names is available in the Index of Names. If your name appears in that list, write us a note with your name and the country and city you live in, and we will send you the passwords.

The data included in our files are checked with various professional documentation, databases and archives, such as the Central Archive of Vilnius, the Historical Archive of Vilnius, the church archives of Turgiele, the Family History Centers of the Church of the Last Day Saints, the International Genealogical Index. Other references are the Encyclopedia Lithuanica, Naruszewicz : Historia Jana Karola Chodkiewicza, Warszawa 1805, Wolff : Senatorowie i dygnitarze Wielkiego Ksiestwa Litewskiego, Krakow 1885.

Music we like
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Ensemble Polyfoon :
   Miserere Mei, Allegri
   Bogoroditsye Dyevo , Sergej Rachmaninow (1873-1943)
   Kanon Pokajanen , Arvo Pärt (1935-)

Resonans con Tutti :
   In Virtute Tua , Omni Die , Grzegorz Gorczycki (1668-1734)

The Russian State Symphony Capella : From 'Liturgy of Saint John Chrisostom' :
   The Lord's Prayer , First antiphon , Sergej Rachmaninow (1873-1943)

The Boyan Ensemble of Kiev : From 'Russian Requiem'
   Great Litany , Alleluia , Eternal Remembrance , Pawel Czesnokow (1877-1944)

   A Lithuanian Shephard Melody , Anonimous

Loreena McKennit :
Multi-faceted musician and gifted writer and performer who focuses on neo-classical folk, pagan and mystic themes : Ancient Byzantium, the vast forests of Roman England,  the rocky coasts of Ireland, the voyages of Marco Polo, the floating arches of sixteenth century Venice, the frozen Siberian steppes, the mysteries of Sufism, the mysticism of St John of the Cross. Her music needs no translation.

Our choice : The Lady of Shalot , Skellig , The Mystics Dream , Dante's Prayer , Dark night of the Soul , Santiago , Tango to Evora , Cymbeline

Vannessa Mae :
Vanessa-Mae has broken down the boundaries between the pop and classical worlds, to bring her own Techno-fusion style of playing to so many.

Our choice :
   Scottish Fantasy op. 46 , Max Bruch (1838-1920)
   Devil's Trill Sonata , Giuseppe Tartini. (1692-1770)
   The original four Seasons , Antonio Vivaldi (1679-1741)

   Classical Gas , Warm Air , Widescreen , City Theme , Reflection

Zbigniew Preisner :
Zbigniew Preisner wrote the music for Krzysztof Kieslowski's films ('The Double Life of Veronika', 'Blue', 'White', 'Red', 'Decalogue', ... ).

   Love , Qui erat et qui est , from 'Requiem for my Friend'

"Once we had a joint conception to create a concert telling a life story. The premiere was planned to take place on the Acropolis in Athens. It was planned to be a large event, a hybrid of a mystery play and an opera.  ... .  But life itself authored a different ending : Krzysztof died on 13th March 1996."  (Z.Preisner)

The Moz'ART group : or the best musical cabaret ever
"We treat our Muse with a humorous irony and we're sure, she will have nothing against it!"


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